We are Cyntell Medical Supply, trusted source for high-quality, affordable medical supplies for everyone from large healthcare providers to individual patients and consumers. We have them covered. We currently offer thousands of products to provide for a wide range of needs.

Healthcare is very costly and is only getting more expensive. We've made it our mission to be part of the solution by providing some of the most sought after products at affordable prices, putting the healthcare providers and patients first! We believe it should not cost an arm and a leg to treat an arm and a leg.

In addition to great prices, what sets us apart is our compassionate customer care team which is dedicated to providing compassionate, attentive customer service through every interaction.

At the end of the day, it comes down to our mission, which is equipping healthcare professionals, facilities and patients with the tools needed to promote healing and overall wellness, thus creating a higher quality of life.


Be Well

-CMS Team